What we do

Designing an inflight experience is a delicate balance of creating positive passenger perceptions, assisting crew members to deliver with ease and efficiency, and meeting budget, durability, weight and performance considerations. That’s why airlines choose Global-C.

Personal protection equipment

A full range of medical and non medical grade personal protection equipment for your customers and front-line people. Packs can be made with multiple components such as hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and face masks and custom branded with your desired artwork. We source in several countries to limit exposure to potential trade disruptions and in order to get the products to our customers as quickly as possible.

Comfort kits

Delight your guests with all travel essentials for a comfortable onboard experience. A full range of amenities and bespoke packaging options are available. Our products are designed with environmental sustainability in mind and ethically sourced from qualified manufacturers.

Cutlery & flatware

Select from an extensive range of off-the-shelf solutions, or create an exclusive solution for your customers. Working in collaboration with you, and with our manufacturing partners in China and India, we can design, develop and manufacture your custom cutlery and flatware solutions in 18/0 and 18/10 stainless steel or hollowware. Samples and prototypes are provided as part of the development process.

Chinaware & tableware

Custom designed and developed to suit your unique requirements, we manufacture our china and tableware with partners in Europe and Asia. We have solutions available in bone china, porcelain or stoneware and will provide you with prototype samples for checking and inspection prior to final design approval.


From off-the-rack soda-lime and crystalline glassware to custom designs, we have the ideal solution for your clientele. Our custom design and development process is holistic, ensuring the outcome offers a total solution – from glassware to glass racking. We work with manufacturing partners in Europe and Asia, with a focus on quality at all stages of the development process. Throughout the development process, samples and prototypes will be provided to help inform the final design approval.

Textile, duvets & blankets

Our custom designed textiles, duvets and blankets are available in a range of fabric types, including cotton, polyester or recycled materials. Working closely with manufacturing partners in Italy, China and Cambodia, our product development process focuses heavily on product performance and TCO. Samples and prototypes are provided throughout the development process for quality assurance purposes.

Rotable meal service

Our bespoke rotable meal service collections are designed with a balance of “rot-ability”, weight and unit cost. Designs are created to deliver both attractiveness and cost effectiveness. Our manufacturing partners in China, Europe and the UAE use proven materials and prototypes are provided throughout the development process to ensure quality control.

Hot meal solutions

Custom solutions are developed for hot meal containers and lids in paperboard, CPET rotable plastic and aluminium. We offer turn-key solutions for CPET implementation including supply and installation of sealing machines, film and containers. Our established manufacturing partners are located in Europe, China and the UAE.

Paperboard snack boxes & paperbags

Our customised solutions for cold and hot meal services in paper and paperboard utilise materials sourced from best-in-class paper mills with PEFC and SFI certifications. Our manufacturing partners in Thailand and Europe hold ISO, GMP and HACCP certifications. Biodegradable materials are also available for clients wishing to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Hot beverage cups

Single or double-walled hot beverage cups, with a range of insulation properties, are available. For those actively reducing their carbon footprint, we also offer fully compostable cups coated with PLA r PBS. Our manufacturing partners are based in China and Thailand.

Cold beverage cups

Cold beverage solutions include PP, PS or APET varieties with comprehensive printing options available. Our manufacturing partners in Thailand, the UAE, China and Europe use both injection moulding and thermoformed processes.

Cutlery packs

Bespoke or off-the-shelf cutlery packs can include multiple options to suit service requirements. Choose from traditional plastics or bioplastics to reduce carbon footprint. Films can be made from plastic or paper with printing options. We have a joint venture – G-Frost – with an ISO 22000 certified injection moulding factory in Guangdong, China.

Rotable or disposable drawers & oven skids

Choose from a wide range of solutions for cart drawers in both rotable plastic or disposable paper. Our oven skids are available in PET coated paper. We have very established partnerships with high quality manufacturers in Thailand, China and the UAE.

Other paper products

We develop a wide range of custom paper products from tissue or airlaid paper napkins, cutlery envelopes, chopstick sleeves, napkin bands and other paper solutions made to meet your specific requirement. Our non-skid tray liners are available in paper of polystyrene. Our manufacturing partners are located in Thailand, China and Europe.

How we work

It’s our in-depth knowledge of the industry and the outcomes you’re looking for that enables us to design and deliver inflight products with the right blend of creativity and pragmatism. This is how we help you source and develop the products you need.


We do more than meet with you. We actually listen to what you want to achieve. We don’t have standard products or solutions. Just a genuine desire to use our expertise to deliver the outcomes you want. You will always deal with Global C’s directors because we understand you need answers – not intermediaries.


There’s no point designing something that fails on functionality and cost effectiveness. Of course price matters but not at the sacrifice of durability and function! When designing a new product for you, we consider your:

  • Brand aspirations
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Function
  • Budget parameters

Then we design it especially for you.


Good design is one thing but there’s nothing like seeing the real thing for yourself. Before the design is finalised, you’ll receive a mock-up or sample so you can touch it, inspect it and check it. That includes everything from logo placement and feel, to the weight, thickness and size.


The Global C management team have close relationships with all our production partners. But it’s not a set and forget process. We supervise the manufacturing process to ensure the outcomes we designed together are actually achieved.


Because quality is important to you, it’s important to us. We have a rigorous and systematic QA process from manufacture to delivery to ensure every product meets the quality standards you expect. As a Sedex member, we provide transparent audits of our manufacturing partners’ CSR performance.



We have developed a comprehensive global supply chain to ensure we can supply products wherever you need them.

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