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Global-C designs and manufactures and delivers inflight products for airlines across the globe. We’re passionate about striking the right balance between quality, function and value.

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  • Westjet Blanket
  • Cathay Pacific Glasses
  • Virgin Australia Compostable Cutlery Pack
  • PET Closed Loop
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Noodle box for Qantas
  • Interlocking Meal Box
  • Premium duvet for Qatar Airways
  • Economy Tray Setup for Qatar

Noodle Box for Qantas

A paperboard noodle box that is oven-proof and leak proof.

Interlocking Meal Box

A meal box that interlocks with the runners of a Northern European carrier’s food service trolleys.

Economy Tray Setup

Economy meal service equipment and packaging for Qatar Airways

Premium Duvet for Qatar Airways

100% polyester duvet that’s plush on one side with a luxurious sheen on the other

PET Closed Loop

Global-C launches a closed loop for recycling CPET.

Virgin Australia Compostable Cutlery Pack

Virgin Australia is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and has partnered with Global-C to develop a 100% compostable cutlery pack.

Cathay Pacific Glasses

A stemless Champagne flute, and Wine glass. The glasses provide excellent stability, sustainability and ease of loading and crew service.

Westjet Blanket

Together with Unifi we developed a “Repreve” branded blanket which contains 30% Repreve fiber, a fiber made 100% from recycled PET bottles.

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Working with Global C means you receive the benefit of decades of industry experience blended with our pragmatic, cost effective, innovative and solutions-based focus.


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