Why work with us?

The mission of Global-C is to support and enhance the passenger experience for our airline clients. We do this by sharing our deep industry knowledge and using our wide experience to find solutions for our clients’ inflight challenges.


We want you to receive a responsive, informed and accountable service every time, with direct access to one of our company directors. We do this to ensure you have the answers you need, when you need them.

Knowledgable & experienced

We have decades of experience to provide you with a timely and informed response. This experience also ensures we will quickly understand the outcomes you desire and how to overcome the complexities of your requirements.


The greatest results come from teamwork so we work closely with all our clients. You’ll find we really listen to your needs so we can understand your goals and the outcomes you require. Then we deliver on what we promise.


We won’t try to squeeze your requirements into a predetermined solution. The Global C team are problem solvers who look beyond the superficial. We design and develop solutions that are unique to your airline while ensuring we achieve practical outcomes that realise your goals.


You can count on us every time. That’s why we ensure you can speak openly with our directors – not an intermediary. It makes us accountable for everything we say we will do for you.


You work in a highly competitive industry and so do we. But by working together we can deliver outstanding solutions for projects of every scale.

Shall we chat?

You’ll find our straight-talking, knowledgeable and collaborative style a refreshing change. Get in touch now.