Noodle Box

Noodle Box for Qantas

The challenge

Most airlines use warm inflight snacks to supplement the main meal as a second service on longer flights.  Packaging limited the food choices to dry bread-based items such as pizzas, filled puff pastries and wraps.  While these types of food work for western passengers they don’t have the same appeal for Asians. 

Global-C was asked by Qantas to develop an ovenable paper box that could hold Asian-style rice and noodle dishes.  The challenge was twofold: 1. Make the box leak-proof as the menus would have sauces; and, 2. Make the box higher than normal airline oven limitations so it better resembled an Asian-style takeaway box.

The solution

Global-C designed the box to the Qantas specifications and the Asian noodle service was rolled out as second meal service in economy class on flights between Australia and Asia. 

The solution

The Global C team designed a paperboard box that is oven-proof and higher than a normal airline meal box so it resembles the appearance of a noodle box. It is also leak-proof to accommodate the sauces that accompany the rice and noodle dishes.

The results

The roll-out went smoothly and the box was used for a second menu refresh. The product has drawn interest from a number of carriers and was a winner in the Economy Snack category of the 2018 Onboard Hospitality Awards.

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