Premium duvet for Qatar Airways

The challenge

Qatar Airways is one of the world’s fastest growing airlines servicing over 150 destinations across all 6 continents. A key focus of the Airline is providing passengers with exceptional service throughout their journey.

Qatar Airways approached Global C to assist with securing a premium duvet or blanket that would complement its best-in-class business seat. The product needed to: Be luxurious; Feel comfortable; and Be durable

The solution

Global C developed a 100% polyester duvet that was plush on one side so it feels soft to the touch and has a luxurious sheen on the other side. The durability of the duvet is rated at 60 washes – which is double the Airline’s expectation.

The solution

The Global C team designed a paperboard box that is oven-proof and higher than a normal airline meal box so it resembles the appearance of a noodle box. It is also leak-proof to accommodate the sauces that accompany the rice and noodle dishes.

The results

The duvet was selected by senior management and Global-C was asked to deliver a launch quantity in three weeks because of an earlier than expected roll-out of the new seat. While the agreed lead-time was 10 weeks, Global-C met the challenge and delivered the launch quantity in less than three weeks.

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Passenger and media feedback on the new duvet has been the best they have ever received for an individual product, and the airline will enter the duvet in an industry awards competition in 2018.

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