Interlocking Meal Box

The challenge

A large Northern European airline has a differentiation strategy to give passengers a unique experience through the interior design of its flagship aircraft, airport lounges and menus.

A fresh, uncluttered ambiance is at the heart of all good Nordic design. With this in mind, the Airline asked Global C to develop a meal box that did not require trays or drawers.

The solution

Global C designed a meal box that would interlock with the runners of the carrier’s food service trolleys. To do this, the Global C team developed a patented interlocking system that removes the need for drawers or trays to carry the meal boxes.

They also designed the internal compartments of the meal box so it has a clean, uncluttered appeal.

The solution

We developed several design proposals and now the carrier has one consistent design theme, where previously there were 5. We reduced the number of SKUs from 7 to 4.

The results

Food handling costs have been reduced because there is no longer a need to load meal boxes onto trays or into drawers.

The box has printing and branding opportunities for the carrier to reinforce their brand image.

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By redesigning the internal compartments of the meal boxes, passengers are more inclined to return consumable items to the box. This improves crew efficiencies when collecting the boxes and consumables at the end of service.

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